Frequently Asked Questions

We can access funding up to $100k. The amount we can get for you specifically depends on a variety of factors. For small business owners, this amount depends on how long you've had your business as well as your average monthly revenue. For startup businesses, the amount depends in part on your credit score and your previous history with lenders. It's highly likely that we can get you more funding than you need.

Depending on how long you've had your business and your average monthly revenue (if any), we can help you secure small business loans or unsecured lines of credit.

Most funding companies take 45 to 90 days attempting to secure capital for their clients. Through our streamlined process, funding can be obtained in 10 to 21 days. In some cases, we can obtain your funding even faster.

Small business owners qualify for business funding if they have had their business for over 3 months, have established a business entity, and have monthly revenues in excess of $8,000. Business owners who qualify for this type of funding gain access to our marketplace, where lenders compete for their business and offer them their best possible terms. For startup entrepreneurs who don't qualify, we utilize our proprietary algorithm to help you access the most amount of funding possible, at the best rates.

Our process is the outcome of extensive bank analysis, legal, consultation, research, and development. Our surplus of knowledge comes from our learned skills to analyze and contrast thousands of applications and the subsequent credit awarded.

We're a data-driven company and we've developed a proprietary algorithm to analyze a variety of factors: your credit score, your payment history, your pre-existing relationships (whether positive or negative) with all lenders, what funding sources you already have, real-time market analysis into which lenders are offering higher amounts of funding than usual and better rates. Based on all of these factors, we're able to produce the following insights: which lenders are likely to lend to you, your approval amounts for every lender (updated daily, not static) how much you are likely to obtain, and the best order to submit applications to maximize your funding amount and lower your rates.

Our marketplace is accessible to those who qualify for our small business funding. There is no hard inquiry generated on your credit during the process. We submit applications to all of the lenders who we know (from experience and using our algorithm) to be your best potential fit. Then we watch as they compete for your business. Lenders often change their terms when they see other lenders offering you a better deal. The lender who wants your business the most will offer you the best terms, and get you a deal that can't be found anywhere else. Apart from the competitiveness driving rates down, lenders offer our clients great terms because we're known for working with reputable business owners who pay back their loan amounts early or on time.

We don't just analyze your business or credit history to procure funding. We also analyze the market in real-time. We know which lenders are bending over backward to meet their quotas, and which ones are being stingy with capital and giving bad rates. We review this information in real-time, and this analysis is a huge part of why we're able to get you more funding at better rates.

Asking your friends and family puts stress on you and on them. Getting funding directly from your bank is all but impossible. If you can acquire it, it takes too long to receive (you'll have missed the original opportunity or need). Working alone, you also don't get good rates because you don't have the competitive marketplace in your favor. Compared with other companies who help startups and small business owners acquire funding, we're the only company that offers both types of funding, meaning we can help entrepreneurs get the right type of funding to begin with, instead of putting them in the wrong box or turning them away. There is also no other company that has invested as heavily in data-driven algorithm based funding cycles the way that we have, or a marketplace as large and respected as ours.

The short answer is no. Even the best banks for small business startup loans award a very small amount of funding per quarter. If you're a small business owner trying to get funding on your own, you're going to have to approach lenders individually and compare the offers. Without the marketplace, they won't be competing for your business, which means you won't get the best terms. As a startup, you also can't handle this on your own, because you won't be able to obtain the amount of funding that you need, and you will miss out on the best rates.